About Us

The Festival of India Association, A non-profit organization came into existence in 2012, in the beautiful Valley of San Fernando, in the Sunny Southern California. Just by the name of the Organization one can imagine the reason for its existence; however, the organization goes beyond that. FIA seeks to build a sense of individuality and community among people who are of Indian origin or who have an interest in India, by celebrating various Festivals of India.

The primary objective of this association is to provide a forum for our community to participate in cultural activities. Hosting cultural events provides the added benefit of sharing our culture with Californians.

Currently there are over 50,000 People of Indian Origin living in the San Fernando Valley; hence, the people of Indian origin represent a significant part of the population of San Fernando Valley & surrounding areas, and their number has been growing steadily. From a socio-economic point of view, the Indian community is a highly educated and fairly prosperous group. India being a land of diverse cultures, the Indian Community here, being a microcosm of the same great land is also a plethora of cultures, traditions, customs and even languages so different from each other.

India is a land of Festivals almost every month there is a festival. People in India celebrate life with various festivals. FIA aims to take up the responsibility of representing the Indian community as a whole; to the society at large in celebrating mainly Popular Festival’s of India. The festivals organized by FIA gives the local community a glimpse of India and its subcontinent’s arts, culture, history and people. FIA organizes annual Vaisakhi Mela that is Free to the public & people from all walks of life are welcome to attend. Over 50 to 70 Booths display various facets of India along with a variety of Cultural programs that transcends Culture, time & history of India.

As the San Fernando Valley population from the Indian subcontinent grows, the role FIA plays in the Valley area will continue to be of great importance. Various Events organized by FIA create awareness about India & it’s Rich Culture & Heritage, children of Indian Parents born in America get the feel of belonging & also get to show case their talent at the various events organized by FIA. Our children will feel proud to be from Indian Origin; & will look up to an organization like FIA to provide them the opportunity to learn our culture and share it with the local community.

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